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Technology for Social Innovation

Circular Factory is an agile micro factory specialized in computational technologies and advanced manufacturing to offer on-site digital fabrication capabilities for the construction industry.


Circular Factory enables the circularity of local skills, intelligence, sustainable resources, and economy.

Circular Factory brings cutting edge digital fabrication technologies to old school SME industry players to augment and allow them to be active players in ever more digitized construction industry.
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Our Story

The Circular Factory started in 2015 with the aim of developing flexible and adaptable digital fabrication workflows that could bring SMEs into an  evermore digitized construction industry.

We started to  develop a physical setup enabled by low-cost  machinery like industrial robotic arms and an easy to use digital platform within a setup that brings several of the advantages of digitalised construction, at a lower initial capital interest to SMEs


As initial prototype circular Factory (CF) took the challenge to create a digital timber factory on the remote island of   Roatan, Honduras, to produce in situ a housing complex designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. The project has the particularity to offer future clients the possibility to modify and customize the design using a digital app, requiring CF Digital   Factory to handle and produce mass-customized, geometry complex parts in a flexible yet controlled process.   


The Circular Factory first micro-factory opened in 2023 working with local materials and upskilling local trades, looking at technology for social innovation.

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What We Value

  • Decentralized, Distributed Fabrication

  • Flexible, Adaptable, Micro-Factory

  • Integrated Software enabling Stakeholder Participation

  • Upskilling & Training

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