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Our Micro-factory

Our first digital timber Micro-factory is located on the island of Roatan inside Prospera ZEDE

The first Circular Factory  Micro-Factory  for digital timber was designed and deployed to produce in situ a housing complex designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.


The project has the particularity to offer future clients the possibility to modify and customize the design using a   digital app, requiring Circular Factory Digital Factory to handle and produce mass-customized, geometry complex parts in a flexible yet controlled process.  

Robots Work on-site digital fabrication


Our micro-factories focus on a  mass-customized approach to construction.

Our system customizes flexible and already available machines in  the market allowing you to start producing immediately. 

Our factories allow to produce mass-customized, differentiated  kits of parts to assemble buildings. 

Micro-factories are designed to be flexible and near-site or on-site. 



Flexible layout  with a small footprint 

Flexible layout  with a small footprint



Easy to deploy, low-cost setup that includes and customizes human and machinic processes

low-cost setup that includes and customizes human and machinic processes.
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