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Circular Factory Logo


Meet The Team

CEO & Founder

Alicia Nahmad

  • Founder of CF with more than 19 years of experience in the construction industry.

  • 14 years working in digital and robotic manufacturing.

  • PhD in human-robot collaboration, Cardiff university.

Fabrication Lead

Jean-Nicolas Dackiw

  • Expertise in fabrication using wood, metalwork and glass with projects in New York and Providence, Rhode Island.

  • Developer of robotic tools for wood fabrication (AA, Design + Make program).

  • March (masters in Architecture from IAAC.

Software Lead

Soroush Garivani

  • Robotics & Sensing Expert.

  • Masters in Advanced Architecture (MArch) and Masters in Advanced Construction & Robotics.

  • Experience as roboticist and software developer at Noumena.

Architect & Digital Fabrication Specialist

Jacob Lettl

Specialist in architecture detailing and digital fabrication Jacob is extremely hands-on with all of our projects from digital tooling, setup  to physical, machine configuration and operations

Head of People & Operations

Gaby Luna

People and team building specialist with a Masters in administration and general management. Gaby implements operation and managing systems.

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