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Our Platform

Circular Factory integrated software platform consolidates design and manufacturing into a holistic and transparent process for all stakeholders

Our systems combine best-in class hardware and software to accomplish process improvement and automation in mass-customized timber construction


Circular Factory software platform automates - in a customizable way - the workflow from design to fabrication.


It digitizes the processes of bespoke digital timber architectural projects including the generation of shop drawings, Bill of Materials, machine file generation and production sequences.


Time estimates, material usage and costs for each part to be produced are detailed.


Easy to Find Part to Project Components

A model based on relationships, simplifying access to contextual information for any building element or area.


Transparent Part Process Throughout the Project

The platform can be integrated to existing shops and machines to schedule, program tasks and generate machine code.

Machines and fabrication processes are customizable for each project.


Transparent Bill of Materials and Fabrication  Tasks

Customizable and automated generation of shop drawings, Bill of Materials and  machine code files accessible for all shop users.


Clear Progress Per Part

Easy to monitor progress per part and per building in a coordinated model


Interactive Scheduling

Real-time rescheduling of factory production, change of production priorities, material workflows, projects, machine and people allocation as the project evolves


3d Printing Path Planning

Our platform can be customized for additional non-timber related fabrication processes

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